Best cycle quotes top 10 in 2020

Note:All the cycle quotes mentioned in this article are no copy paste.This quotes are not written by anyone,this quotes I had written on the basis of my feelings and experience towards cycle.

So let’s start

1.Ride long,Live long.

These is a very short quote but very meaningful

What ride long?Bicycle

2.Cycle is life,take it easy and move ahead

3.Keep on paddling until you reach your destination and get success

4.Cycle riding is journey,a part of your life;Take it easy

5.Paddle bigger,get bigger

6.When you are in doubt,sweets in to your mouth,pedal it out

7.Cycle brand doesn’t matter;is cycle your friend?matters

8.As crying is a part of your life,same way crashing should also be part of your life.

9.Crash,rash and stand hash.

10.Think of your bicycle,listen to bicycle then take action which is good for both

How I started cycling?

From childhood,I like cycling.Intially,I started with a bicycle.I was used to ride very much.But one day decided to remove 1 support wheel from cycle.After removing,it was very tough for me to ride faster.After some days,I got familiar but then remove remaining one also/After removing I crashed so many times can’t count also.Atlast,learned perfectly.

Now,I ride very long on weekends with my friends.We enjoy and chill a lot.I can say that I am a true cycler and cycle lover.Don’t forget to follow us on other social media apps.

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