Want to make a website in WordPress but don’t know, then this article is for you. This is the complete blueprint.

To make it easier for you I had divided this article into 5 parts:

What is WordPress and why to make a website in WordPress.

Which domain and hosting you should buy.

SEO of your site.

Important plugins for your site.Best theme for the site.

How to get traffic to your site.

So let’s start

There are many ways to make a website but in this article, we are talking particularly about WordPress.It is the thing which helps you to make your wishful site.80 % of the sites are made in WordPress.Why?

Ans: WordPress gives you many features compared to any other platform. You can make any type of website in WordPress. E-commerce, business, blog, photographic, wallpaper, downloading, and many more. You can get live previews of any theme in WordPress. Allows customizing your site as you wish through different plugins.

WordPress gives a professional look to your site.

Now you know why you should go with WordPress, Right?

Now, it’s very important to buy a good domain and hosting so that your site runs properly. You can buy any good quality hosting but I will personally prefer your blue host which I use for my website

  • Recommended by WordPress.org since 2005
  • FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
  • FREE SSL Certificate Included
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Support
  • Starting at ₹499.00 ₹199.00/month*

Have 3 plans

  • Basic      ₹199.00/month
  • Plus        ₹299.00/month
  • Choice Plus ₹399.00/month

After buying the domain and hosting, you will need to connect your domain and hosting to WordPress.If you buy blue host then it is very easy. Just go to my sites, click on create the site, fill in all the basic details, then go through WordPress. That’s all, Now you had successfully created your website. But now on the other hand you will need to do SEO of your site.

Now, you need to set up your website before doing so. Also, we will learn how to make logos and banners for your site.

Things to keep in mind while setting up your site:

  • Don’t delete the home page otherwise, you will face some serious issues
  • Properly do the permalink settings
  • Make a proper tagline
  • Insert a meta description of your home page to get indexed your site and articles fast
  • Make the categories and menus
  • Essential pages: Contact us, About us, privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions, affiliate disclosure, sitemap(If you are promoting affiliate products)This all the pages are very important to get the AdSense approval.
  • Don’t add any copyright image to your site
  • Install Jetpack plugin
  • Do not share your id and password of your WordPress login
  • General,writing,reading,discussion,media,permalinks,privacy,table of contents(Some important settings)

Apart from this, you will need to add your site to the search console, google analytics, bing console,

  • Search console helps you to observe your site ranking, performance, index your site and articles, tell issues in your site. After submitting your site it takes 48 hours to collect the data.
  • Google Analytics gives you all the stats of your website: active users, bounce rate, reading time, insights, helps to know your users in-depth

After adding your site to console and analytics, connect through WordPress.How?

Go to your WordPress dashboard, add a plugin named Sitekit.

  • Sitekit is a very popular plugin that connects your AdSense, search console, google analytics account in the WordPress dashboard only.

Now, a very important thing come: Which theme you should use for your website?

  • Generatepress theme(The most popular theme of WordPress at this time)
  1. Secure and stable
  2. Less than 30Kb
  3. Top tier speeds
  4. Search Engine Optimized
  5. Schema Optimized
  6. Allows to change HTML
  7. Accessibility Ready
  8. No dependencies

2,880,652+downloads 300,000+ Active Websites   

Generatepress Premium

  1. Site Library
  2. Background Images
  3. Colors
  4. Typography
  5. Elements
  6. Woocommerce
  7. Menu Plus
  8. Spacing
  9. Secondary Navigation
  10. Sections
  11. Disable Elements

Last but not least: Allows to edit the copyright message in the footer area.

Astra theme (Available free as well as paid)

  1. Pre-built websites
  2. Superfast
  3. Customize without code
  4. Made for page builders

Thrive Themes

This theme is not for beginners because this is not free. You will need a good amount to buy these theme/

How to install a theme in WordPress?

Download the theme which you want to install.Extract to get .xml file

Go to your WordPress dashboard, click on appearance then select themes. Click on add new and upload the .xml file

Your theme is successfully installed.

Important plugin for your website

  • Yoast(This is a plugin which is not important it is a must)

This is paid as well as free. If you have some budget then you should buy the paid version.

This is an SEO plugin which carries all the settings of your search appearance, social, etc

  • Elementor(free +paid)
  1. Drag and drop editor
  2. Allows us to make beautiful pages
  3. Popup builder(available in paid)
  4. Responsive editing
  5. Ninety + widgets
  6. Global widget(available in paid)

Apart from this, there are many other functions and features of the element. You should check out that.

  • Optinmonster(Paid)

This is a paid plugin but very useful if you want to generate leads and sales. This allows you to make a beautiful popup. Very easy and simple to use. If you have a budget then definitely buy this plugin. This plugin will also help you to get engaged with your users more.

Now everything is done but what about traffic?. If there is no traffic on your website then there is no sense in doing so much hard work.

  • Social media
  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Quora
  5. Medium
  6. Mix
  7. Snapchat
  8. Linked in
  9. Pinterest
  10. Telegram
  11. WhatsApp group

Make your accounts now on all the above mentioned

  • Social media marketing

Promote your content and site If you have a budget. For eg: Facebook ads and campaign, google ads, etc

  • Backlinks

Make do follow and no follow backlinks for your website. It can be paid as well as free. But, make sure that you take a high-quality backlink. The best way to get backlinks is guest posting.

Explore different websites that allow guest posting. Your website’s DR and Alexa rank will also increase when other domains will refer you.

Comment on others’ articles. I am telling you to comment, don’t do spam.

Be regular and update your site from time to time.

Things to keep in mind before sending your website for AdSense approval

  • Content is unique and plag free
  • Images are free copyright
  • There are a minimum of 25 articles on your site
  • You had added your site to the search console and analytics
  • All the essential pages are there

I hope you like the article and above all information helped you. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.

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