What is Teleconsultation?

Teleconsultation and patient engagement platform that is safe, convenient, continuous and secure.
It holistically caters to all aspects of outpatient care which enables healthcare providers to address all the healthcare needs of their patients both in the real and digital world.

Covid Era

In today’s date, India has one doctor for every 1,456 citizens.
Almost 74% of all doctors in the urban areas serve only 28% of the population and
out of that almost 100% of specialists and super specialist doctors are located just in the 30 tier 1 cities.

This lack of accessibility and availability of doctors, specialists and
super specialists caused due to the about mentioned urban concentration results in
major human-life losses or economic losses for both the disadvantaged patients and healthcare providers.

The current healthcare landscape in India

Physical Visits -> Limits number of visits travel, remote areas.

– Limit’s patients to receive care from tertiary hospitals

– Impacts possible net new revenue due to unavailability and
inaccessibility of doctors / specialists / super specialists at secondary / primary healthcare providers.

– Additionally, it also limits patient care to domestic locations and
restricts care provisions to periphery patients and also international patients

due to absence of a reliable one stop solution for convenient
and continuous remote end to end remote patient care solution.

The Bright Future (What it would be like)

– Allows doctors / Specialists and Super Specialists in large tier 1 cities
to be available anytime anywhere without any travel.

– Have seamless availability and accessibility of doctors to secondary and
primary care providers allows increase in IPD procedures

due to seamless healthcare supply chain support  which corelates to net new revenue.

– Remote OPD kiosk at primary and secondary hospitals to facilitate consultations onsite.

– Provisions to easily onboard partner secondary and primary healthcare hospitals in this system

– Easy to use Remote video teleconsultation solution with and
EMR for patient management which allows for local, peripheral and even international teleconsultation.

One of The Key Player in India

Televed Platform
Televed H&S System
Televed International Teleconsultation System

Let’s Understand, how it works?

Televed Platform –

– Technology Platform: Easy to deploy and easy to use plug & play branded EMR based video consultation platform that includes:

– Teleconsultation (Video Based)

– Patient Record Management


– Online Prescriptions

– Online Payment

Televed H&S Solution

Televed International Teleconsultation Solution

Pushing for more accessibility and availability of doctors will help increase growth of hospitals and improvement of the Indian healthcare landscape as a whole.

Televed have made a decision to make their Teleconsultation and Practice Management platform free for use by doctors. This is in view of the ongoing pandemic.

We know, there are too many adoption barriers for doctors and we aim to completely remove those barriers so that doctors can take full advantage of what our technology has to offer.
Click on the link for more details

đŸ‘‰: https://www.televed.com/televed-covid-19-response/

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