Organizational psychologist Adam Grant is an expert on opening other people’s minds and our own.

So today we will see what Adam Grant has to offer in his Book : Think Again.

A Hook

Think Again invites us to let go of views that are no longer serving us well and prize mental flexibility, humility, and curiosity over foolish consistency

If knowledge is power, knowing what we don’t know is wisdom.

Essential Book Information

Book has several ingredients which talks about physiology behind human ability, specially Intelligence which is usually seen as the ability to think and learn, but in a rapidly changing world it might matter more that we can rethink and unlearn.

Basic Plot Summary

Before we begin , I wanted to give you glimpse about one section where Adam talks about


and he also tells that WISDOM You ACQUIRED in n number of steps and if I remember clearly

  1. LIVE

are the key take alway from this books where write emphasize on


We have few thinks to revisit which we already know but keep forgetting like
Preachers No proof required Often act on faith alone Often wear monotone uniforms

Scientists Experiment required Politicians No training required Ways you think even if they’re not your job

Prosecutors Too much training required? Often rely on evidence and Often attack the other side.

another very interesting section which talks about “THE MOST ANNOYING THINGS PEOPLE SAY INSTEAD OF RETHINKING” i am sure you are going to think after reading these points which are going to stay long with us.

As human tendency we focus more on negative aspects like :-

That will never work here
That’s not what my experience has shown
That’s too complicated let’s not overthink it
That’s the way we’ve always done it

which never let us progress and work on our aspirations.


Scare tactics Withholding love Demeaning Telling me it’s for my own good Withholding support

Dismissing my feelings Passive aggressiveness Trying to make it seem like it was my idea Lecturing

Dismissing my ideas Shaming Yelling Manipulation Not listening to what I have to say Withholding respect

Lines to remember from Book

It seems that humans have understood the magic of talking ourselves into change for thousands of years. I learned recently that the word abracadabra comes from a Hebrew phrase that means ‘Ict as I speak.”

If you’re interested in working on your rethinking skills, write has to offer you thirty practical takeaways.


Think like a scientist. When you start forming an opinion, resist the temptation to preach prosecute, or politick. Treat your emerging view as a hunch or a hypothesis and test it with data.

Like the entrepreneurs who learned to approach their business strategies as experiments, you’ll main tain the agility to pivot.

Define your identity in terms of values, not opinions. It’s easier to avoid getting stuck to your past beliefs if you don’t become attached to them as part of your present self-concept.

See yourself as me one who values curiosity, learning, mental flexibility, and searching for knowledge.

Opinion That matters the most

Seek out information that goes against your views. You can fight confirmation bias, burst filter bubbles, and escape echo chambers by actively engaging with ideas that challenge your assumptions.

An easy place to stand is to follow people who make you think-even if you usually disagree with what they think

Calibrate Your Confidence

Beware of getting stranded at the summit of Mount Stupid. Don’t confuse confidence with competence.

The Dunning-Kruger effect is a good re minder that the better you think you are, the greater the risk that you’re overestimating yourself—and the greater the odds that you’ll stop im. proving.

To prevent overconfidence in your knowledge, reflect on how well you can explain a given subject.

Harness the benefits of doubt. When you find yourself doubting your ability, reframe the situation as an opportunity for growth.

You can have confidence in your capacity to learn while questioning your current solution to a problem. Knowing what you don’t know is often the first step toward developing expertise.

Embrace the joy of being wrong. When you find out you’ve made a mistake, take it as a sign that you’ve just discovered something new. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

It helps you focus less on proving yourself and more on improving yourself

something new from each person you meet. Everyone knows more an about something.

Ask people what they’ve been rethinking lately, write conversation about times you’ve changed your mind in the past.

Thoughtful critics

Share your most thoughtful critics? Once you’ve identified them, the question your thinking. To make sure they know you’re open to accepting their views,

tell them why you respect their pushback and where it usually add the most value.

shy away from constructive conflict. Disagreements don’t have to Le disagreeable. Although relationship conflict is usually counter the task conflict can help you think again.

Try framing disagree not as a debate: people are more likely to approach it intellectually and best belly to take it personally.


Adam also talks about Ask Better Questions

Practice the art of persuasive listening. When we’re trying to open other people’s minds, we can frequently accomplish more by listening than by thing.

How can you show any interest in helping people crystallize their views and uncover their own reasons for the change? A good way to start B increases your question-to-statement ratio.

Praise and Critique

I am an Indian so first i will consider this from Indian society point of view so my critic aspects does not accept all the aspects highlighted by Adam however i wanted to praise him for phycological point of view that are really very interesting and will force you to think and learn in life.

My Recommendation

I will refer this book for people in higher management role and getting in to serious business at the middle age where you have face enough deals and taken care of bigger responsibility then yes this book is for you.

College pass out or just graduated people should certainly buy it and keep it for reading in future.

My Rating

My rating is purely my personal opinion and certainly, you can deny my rating and my highlighted point of view as I read this book considering my current situation in my personal and professional life.

*** 1/2

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